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Proposal for PIGEON at Bowie-ween, Islip Art Museum (2016)

I will wear a pigeon suit and walk around the gallery space attempting to interact with visitors for 30 minutes to an hour, depending on visitors' reactions. If a person chooses to speak to the pigeon, the pigeon will hand out a business card that notes "Nice to meet you. I'm Pigeon." If a person tries to engage the pigeon in conversation, the pigeon will continue through written notes on a notepad as birds cannot speak.

Inspired by magical realism and the outrageous projects of David Bowie, I would like to bring to life a life-size pigeon attempting with all efforts to "break out" into the art world and other exclusionary circles.

What makes people individuals apart from crowds, and what makes individuals artists? With this proposal, I hope to explore the loneliness of being an individual by adopting the persona of an absurd - though entirely unique - creature.