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The political climate has created an illusion of fear where we take refuge in our homes and daily schedules. Our avoidance has made our reality monotonous, and at times stagnant. Through art we have the potential to envision, and radically enact change in our everyday lives. By creatively re-imagining a future, we can challenge injustices, paving the path for effectual and progressive change.

In my work, I uplift the aspects of life that society belittles, trivializes, and deprecates. I honor everyday, commonplace objects by enlarging their sizes into monumental scales, as a form of interacting with them in fantastical and giant ways. This allows viewers to have the chance to physically engage with and appreciate everyday objects, such as a slipper, in absurd, whimsical sizes. I uplift strong women in theĀ Memorial Quilting Project, devoting one quilting square to a story overheard as legends or shared anecdotes, chronicling unfortunate losses and vengeful gains. I commemorate the human experience in my performance work, where objects and animals are anthropomorphized to emphasize human qualities, such as generosity and loneliness.

In twisting reality to pursue magical and fantastical possibilities, I hope to enlighten truths that are not discovered elsewhere, and provoke a kind of empathy that makes the human experience all the more relatable.